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'Break of Light at Port Swingo'.

This is my latest oil on canvas it measures 91x 67cm. It was painted at a favourite location of mine, a 2 minute downhill bike ride from home (15 minute return, uphill )

Art Cafe Whitby,

I have just dropped off paintings for a new exhibition. They will be on show at the Art Cafe Whitby, open from Wednesday- Sunday.

New exhibition 'Drawn to the Waters Edge.'

Chantry House Gallery   2nd Dec- March 2014


Looking out from an upstairs window I have a narrow view of the sea, so after a quick check every day,  I cycle from the house the half mile down the hill, to the waters edge. The daily draw of my journey, is to experience the energy and witness the constantly changing drama the weather and sea conditions offer up. Tides, wind and light direction, swell and weather all influence the decision of where to paint, (and in summertime a territorial Oystercatcher might advise me to move to a better spot) . 

Many of the paintings in this collection explore the translucent quality of water ; the intense colours produced by light through the wave and the softening layers tending towards abstraction through mists and spray.

Blues through the Spray.  .jpg

Painting selected for Highland Art Prize

Autumn 2023

"Blues through the Spray ' has been selected for inclusion in the Highland Art Prize 2023. The 74 entries will be exhibited at the The Briggait, 141 Bridgegate, Glasgow G1 5HZ from 13th-21st October.

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