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'Wild Atlantic Sea'

This oil was painted on the rocks at Ardnamurchan Lighthouse. I have stayed at the lighthouse many times, and spent early childhood holidays at the nearby Sanna Bay. Being the most westerly point on the Scottish mainland, it is a wild and windy location.

'Facing the Atlantic'

Cape Cornwall is another favourite spot of mine, the headland is situated on the south western coast of Cornwall near St Just, 

it experiences the full force of storms coming in from the Atlantic. I've returned several times to capture the energy of the winter storms and the sparkling light on the sea when the sun's out.

'Dancing waves'

Achininver is a beautiful bay west of Tongue. The sea and weather conditions on this day all came together to produce a fascinating  effect on the incoming waves. The peaty water from the river coloured the shallow waters, and the southerly wind blowing through the hills, held up the little waves, so that in a line they bounced and jigged as they advanced to the shore.

'Wild Moor'

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